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Who is Francoise Yip? Age, Net worth, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, Wiki, Husband, Movies, Tv Series

Francoise Yip Net Worth 2022


Françoise Yip is a renowned Hollywood actress and model who has amassed worldwide fame by playing major and minor roles in various movies and TV series such as The Charm Bracelet as Sheyla 2020, The Predator as Ms Cullen Yutani 2017, Everything, Everything as Dr. Francis 2017, Mystery 101 as Carmela Rhee 2018, Kung Fu as Diana Soong 2020, etc. Yip started her acting career through Deadly Nightshade a 101 based on a drama film where she worked alongside legendary Hollywood actors like Lindsay Wagner and Piper Laurie.

Françoise Yip Biography / Wiki

Françoise was born on the 4th of month of September 50 to North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was educated at a local high school in Canada. Later, after completing her graduate studies, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Françoise Yip Age

According to Françoise Yip’s date of birth , his age is years (from now, in 2020 ).

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Height and weight of Françoise Yip

At Françoise Yip’s height is approximately 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is about 55 kg .

Francoise Yip Acting Journey

The Canadian actress began her acting career through Deadly Nightshade a 1995 based on a drama film where she worked opposite legendary Hollywood actors like Lindsay Wagner and Piper Laurie. In the film, his acting was really appreciable which gradually brought the public as well as the critics to appreciate it. Later that same year, she was signed as a cast in two additional films, including a short series titled Rumble in the Bronx as Nancy, Nie lian as Maggie, and Two Impossible Films as Johann Woo. The following year, she featured wonderful roles in 5 movies named Kuang ye san qian xiang as Wai, How to Meet the Lucky Stars as Francoise, On Fire as Yip, Meng Bo as Saeko, and Black Mask as Yeuk.

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Françoise Yip Filmography

Françoise is a renowned Hollywood actress who has played and presented outstanding roles in feature films and short television series. Finally, at this time, we are purifying some of his popular and successful filmographies.

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Some of his favorite movies include

  • Kuang ye san Qian Xiang as Wai 1972 directed by Billy Hin-Shing Tang. In the film, she worked alongside Bowie Lam.

Futuresport as Keahi 1998 was directed by Ernest R. Dickerson where she worked alongside some popular troupes like Dean Cain and Vanessa Williams.

Special service as an air hostess 1996 directed by Mark Jean. Françoise has worked alongside Andy Dick and Megan Leitch.

  • The New Beachcombers as Constable 2002 by Brad Turner. Starring alongside popular Hollywood actors like Dave Thomas and Graham Greene.
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The Charm Bracelet as Sheyla Green 2020 by Rich Newey where she worked alongside newcomers like Ashley Greene and Brendan Penny .

Christmas on the Vine as Sara 2020 by Paul A. Kaufman in collaboration with other popular actors like Julianna Guill and Jon Cor.

Some of his popular TV series

Kung Fu as Diana Soong 2021 by Christina M. Kim. In the series, she worked for 3 three episodes.

Mystery 101 2017 as Carmela Rhee where she worked for 1 episode.

  • Of 2019-2018, She worked in the Order as Elizabeth Kepler by Shelley Eriksen. In the series, she worked for episodes.


From 2005-2019, She worked in Shadowhunters as Jia Penhallow created by Ed Decter. While in the series she worked for 4 episodes.

Take-Two is a comedy crime television series by 2018 where she worked as Cheryl Axelrod created by Terri Edda Miller. In the series, she starred for 1 episode.

Family Françoise Yip

Françoise Yip was born to a decent Chinese father and a French-Canadian mother with whom she spent most of her childhood. Informative information about his parents has yet to be disclosed. We will update it soon.

Françoise Yip Copain

Françoise is a popular actress who has not shared any notification information about her relationship status. In the next few days, if we get any factual information, we will update it immediately.


Françoise Yip is originally from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  • She studied music.



  • Françoise has even worked with superstar Jackie Chan.


She has been nominated twice for the Honk Kong Film Awards.

Françoise is a very gifted athlete.

  • In 2002 she was nominated for the Leo Awards of Best Supporting Actress.


Francoise Yip Net Worth

Francoise is a talented model and a popular movie actor whose net worth to date is 2019 can be calculated to approximately 15 millions of dollars. The main sources of its income also come from the film professions, theater and other business ventures. She also promotes various fashion and skincare brands.

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Social Media

InstagramClick hereTIC TacClick hereTwitterClick hereWay of lifeFrançoise Yip, does she consume al cool ?Not disclosedDoes she smoke?Not disclosedDoes she drive?Is Françoise Yip, Swimming?YesDoes she know how to cook?YesEast- she a yoga practitioner?Not disclosed

Is the gym?

Not disclosedI’s Françoise Yip Jogger?YesFood habit?Not disclosed

Youtube Click here Yes


Who is Françoise Yip?

Françoise Yip is a talented Hollywood actress and model who works mainly in films and English TV series such as Ghost Punting 55 as a policewoman, fighting for my daughter 1972 as girlfriend, Nie Lian 1995 like Maggie, etc. Apart from that, she is even well known for her impressive work as a model.

2022 Is Françoise Yip married?2022

Françoise’s current relationship has not yet been shared.

2022How old is Françoise Yip ?2020

The age of Françoise Yip is of 50 years (at


When is Françoise Yip’s Birthday?

Françoise Yip’s birthday is September 4 1972.

2021What is Françoise Yip’s zodiac sign?

The zodiac sign of Françoise Yip is Libra.

2022 How tall is Françoise Yip?

Françoise Yip is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

2022Where is Françoise Yip from?

Françoise Yip is from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

2022How much is Francois ise Yip net worth?

The actress’ lavish model and net worth as of now in 2021 is calculated at approximately 12 millions of dollars.


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