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Top 10 Tallest Men In The World Of All Time


The Tallest Men in the World: A Record-Breaking Giant


If Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, the actor who is “The Mountain on Game of Thrones’ who is 6 feet 9 inches, began to date his current partner who stands just 5’2 inches tall, we couldn’t resist snooping over their Instagram photos to marvel at the height difference. We also tried to figure out other important details. If you believed that “The Mountain’ was among the tallest human beings to walk the planet, let us say that he doesn’t get close to it. If we were to name the tallest males and females in the world Sir Gregor Clegane would feel vertically confronted. Here are the tallest individuals in the world.


Here is The List Of The World;s Top 10 Tallest Men Of All Time

10. Radhouane Charbib – 7 ft 9 in

Radhouane Charbib

Radhouane Charbib was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest living man, until January 15, 2005, when Bao Xishun was measured at Chifeng City Hospital, Inner Mongolia, China, and was recorded as being 2 millimetres taller. Wikipedia
Radhouane Charbib (Arabic Ridwan Sharbeeb, born October 27, 1968) was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest living man

Charbib was known as the tallest man in the world until the year 2005 when Bao Xishun took the title from him for being 2 mm taller.


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9. Sun Mingming – 7 ft 9 in

Sun Mingming – SofaScore News

Sun Mingming is a professional basketball player from China and is considered to be the highest basketballer in the world. The couple is Xu Yan who is 6 inches tall and is a handball player. They met during the National Games of China and ultimately were in love. They’re the tallest couple married around the globe. Sun Mingming has also appeared in films such as ‘Rushhour 3’ and ‘Funny soccer’.


Sun Mingming is a Chinese former professional basketball player and actor. He is the tallest professional basketball player in the world and was measured by the Guinness World Records as 2.36m tall and weighing 167kg. Wikipedia
Born: 23 August 1983 (age 38 years), Bayan County, Harbin, China
Height: 2.36 m
Shoe size: 20
Spouse: Xu Yan (m. 2013)
Listed weight: 167 kg (368 lb)
College: Ventura College (2005–2006)
Playing career: 2006–2014




8. Bao Xishun – 7 ft 9 in

Bao Xishun

It is interesting to note that Xishun Baio, the herdsman of Inner Mongolia in China, was average in height until the age of 16. After that, his height increased dramatically. He was married in the year 2007 at 56 years old, as well as has a son who was born of the union.


Xishun Bao is a Chinese herdsman from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, recognized by Guinness World Records as one of the world’s tallest living men. He was formerly certified as the tallest living man by the Guinness World Records. He is currently the tallest living non-pathological giant. Wikipedia
Born: 2 November 1951 (age 70 years), Chifeng, China
Height: 2.36 m
Spouse: Xia Shujuan (m. 2007)
Children: Bao Tianyou



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7. Naseer Soomro – 7 ft 10 in

PAKISTAN'S TALLEST MAN 7 8 FEET Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image |  Shutterstock | Shutterstock Editorial

Naseer Ahmed Soomro comes from Shikarpur located in Pakistan and is considered to be the second tallest man in the world. He has revealed that he was advised by police at Shikarpur as well as Karachi to stay out of his home on weekends as his presence drew massive crowds that caused trouble for law and order.

Naseer Soomro The Proud Pakistani Who Was Named The World’s Tallest Man in 2000, is in Trouble. JDC Foundation Pakistan

Naseer Soomro (full name Naseer Ahmaad Soomro) is 7 feet 8.9 inches (236 cm) tall. …

He is the 2nd tallest man in Pakistan.




6. Asadulla Khan – 7 ft 11 in

Asadulla Khan

Asadullah Khan is an Afghan former cricketer. Khan is a right-handed batsman and right arm medium-pace bowler. He has previously represented the Afghanistan the tallest man

at 7’11 tall, Asadulla Khan stands the tallest person in India. Incredibly, his entire family, including his brother, father, and mother are just about 5’11” tall. Asadulla is from Kendrapada in West Bengal.

Asadulla Khan (born 1988) is the tallest living person in India. He is 7’10” tall.



5. Zhang Juncai – 7 ft 11 ¼ in

Zhang Juncai

Zhang Juncai (Chinese: 張俊才; born 31 March 1966) is one of the world’s tallest people, standing at least 2.42 meters (7 ft 11 in) tall. Till 2004, Zhang Juncai who hails from Shanxi Province, was the tallest man in China.

Zhang Juncai is one of the world’s tallest people, standing at least 2.42 meters tall. He is notable for visiting Yao Defen. Wikipedia
Born: 31 March 1966 (age 56 years), Dingxiang County, Xinzhou, China
Height: 2.42 m




4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh – 8 ft 0.7 in

India's 'Tallest Man', Dharmendra Pratap Singh, Joins Samajwadi Party

A MA of Hindi literary studies, Dharmendra Pratap Singh who comes from Uttar Pradesh, stands tall at 8 feet and 1 inch. He has had a difficult time finding affection due to his size. The man has not also had the opportunity to secure an ordinary job due to the same reason , and was forced to work in an amusement park, where the pay was for letting visitors take photos with him.

Dharmendra Pratap Singh is an Indian who is among the tallest living people at 8 ft 1 in. He currently lives in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is listed the tallest man in India by The Limca Book of Records. He became the tallest living Indian in 2007, after the death of Vikas Uppal, who was 8 ft 3 in. Wikipedia
Born: 1983 (age 39 years)
Party: Samajwadi Party



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3. Morteza Mehrzad – 8 ft 1 in

Morteza Mehrzad


Morteza Mehrzad is one of the Iranian sit-up volleyball athlete currently playing as a player for Iran’s national team of men’s playing sitting volleyball.. The full name is Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani. Nationality, Iranian. Born, (1987-09-17) 17 September 1987 (age 34) Rudsar, Gilan, Iran. Height: 2.46 m (8 1 1/8 inches).).

Morteza Mehrzad has been a Paralympian who is a player for Iran’s national men’s playing team of sitting volleyball. He is not only the tallest person in Iran but he’s also the tallest Paralympian to ever compete.


Morteza Mehrzad Selakjani is an Iranian sitting volleyball player, currently playing as an outside hitter. He is the tallest man in Iran, the tallest paralympian in history and currently the joint second tallest man alive in the world just behind Sultan Kösen of Turkey. Wikipedia
Born: 17 September 1987 (age 34 years), Rudsar, Iran
Height: 2.46 m
Parents: Safoura Alinejad
Number: 2
Position: Outside hitter





2. Brahim Takioullah – 8 ft 1 in

Brahim Takioullah – Longest Soles In The World? #Shorts - YouTube


The second-highest person around the globe, Brahim Takioullah from Morocco holds the Guinness World Record for the most feet. Acromegaly is a condition that has affected many people, Brahmin always had trouble finding shoes big enough for him until his doctor prescribed the shoes specially designed for his feet.

Brahim Takioullah is a Moroccan man who formerly held the Guinness World Record for largest feet and is officially the second-tallest living person. Wikipedia
Born: 26 January 1982 (age 40 years), Guelmim, Morocco
Height: 2.46 m
Shoe size: 58
Known for: Second (Possibly) tallest living person; World’s largest feet;



1. Sultan Kösen – 8 ft 2.8 in

Sultan Kösen

Meet the Tallest Man in the World Sultan Kösen: A Kurdish farmer, Sultan Kösen stands at 8 feet 2.8 inches and is the tallest living man in the world, as per Guinness World Records. His abnormally tall stature is due to a condition called acromegaly that affects the production of growth hormone in the pituitary gland.

Sultan Kösen is a Kurdish farmer who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 251 centimetres. Kösen’s growth resulted from the conditions gigantism and acromegaly, caused by a tumour affecting his pituitary gland. Due to his condition, he uses crutches to walk. Wikipedia

Born10 December 1982 (age 39 years), Mardin, Turkey
Height2.51 m
Spouse(s): Merve Dibo ​ ​(m. 2013; div. 2021)​
Known for: Tallest living man; 7th verified tallest person in history
Shoe size22, 60
ParentsAbdulkadir Kösen, Cemile Kösen
SiblingsHasan Kosen





Here is a quick recap of Top 10 Tallest Men In The World Of All Time

  1. Sultan Kösen
  2. Brahim Takioullah
  3. Morteza Mehrzad
  4. Dharmendra Pratap Singh
  5. Zhang Juncai
  6. Asadullah Khan
  7. Naseer Ahmed Soomro
  8. Bao Xishun
  9. Sun Mingming
  10. Radhouane Charbib
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