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Top 10 Best Adult Anime Series Of All Time


10 All-Time Best Adult Anime Series To Watch


Are you tired of the same old brutal Shonen Anime series and are seeking something sexier to enjoy to spice things up? If yes, we’re here to help you escape your boredom by presenting an amazing selection of sexual fantasy which you can add to your list of movies to watch! The irresistible desire to watch sexually explicit comedies that have an ounce of sexual interest returns with a big bang

We’ve carefully picked the top adult Anime series that has ever been produced. So, relax while you look through this stunning and hot collection of sexy and hot series. We must not forget about the gorgeous and hot characters that will be dancing on our televisions. Are you excited and intrigued? What is the time to wait? Explore the realm of dirty and appealing Anime series that are sure to provide you with a satisfying conclusion.



10. Scum’s Wish

The Anime series is comprised of one season, with no filler episodes. Written by Masaomi Ando, ‘Scum’s Dream is about a completely free friendship between two students from high school identified as Hanabi Yasuraoka as well as Mugi Awaya. They decide to enter into this intimate, steamy and sexually sexy relationship to satisfy their individual desires. Both students were not receiving the kind of love they wanted from the people they felt feelings for. Therefore, they signed an agreement that should either Hanabi or Mugi is in love with one another the two will break off their sexual relationships.

poster scums wish
The Official Poster Of ‘Scum’s Wish,’ C[Lerche] biographyflash.com

The initial episode of ‘Scum’s Wish’ premiered on January 12th in the year 2017. the final instalment of this Anime web and television serial was released on 30th March of this same year. The show is comprised of 12 parts. You can stream ‘Scum’s Wish streaming on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime.




9. Sekirei

This fun and naughty Anime series have two seasons, with just two episodes of filler. Written by Keizo Kusakawa, “Sekirei’ is about a teenager known as Minato Sahashi. However, due to poor self-esteem and confidence Minato is not able to go to college being extremely intelligent. In the course of a day, a Sekirei searching for Ashikabi gets atop Minato. Their name was Musubi. She kisses Minato and then makes Minato her Ashikabi. “Sekirei Plan” was a event organized by Hiroto Minaka. The tournament is where the Sekirei can make use of the power of the Ashikabi and fight against other competitors. The most exciting aspect of the “Sekirei Plan” was that more than a hundred adorable women were taking part! It is well-known that becoming an Ashikabi isn’t easy for five gorgeous Sekirei to decide to join them to be their Ashikabi.


The Official Poster Of ‘Sekirei,’ C[Seven Arcs] – biographyflash.com

“Sekirei” debuted on the 2nd of July in 2008, and the final episode from the 2nd season was released on the 26th of September in 2010. The show has 25 episodes, along with 2 filler episodes. The show can be watched through online platforms like AnimeLab.




8. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Anime series contains two seasons along with a few filler episodes. Directed by Hisashi Saito, the main storyline of ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ follows Basara Tojo. Basara was a young and good-looking boy and a high school student. He was naturally very surprised to have heard that his father has recently gotten remarried, out of the blue. Mio and Maria are two beautiful young girls who are Basara’s new stepsisters. Basara soon finds out that his pretty stepsisters are actually quite mischievous and belong to the powerful demon clan. Basara, on the other hand, was a part of the hero clan. The devilish Mio tries to cast a spell to form a master and servant relationship with Basara, him being the servant but accidentally ends up making Basara the Master. Like their Master, it is Basara’s duty to protect his slave. In order to do so, he keeps getting into sleazy and sexual situations with them unintentionally.


‘The Testament Of Sister New Devil,’ C[Production IMS]

The first episode of ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ was released on the 7th of January, in 2015, and the last episode was aired on the 28th of March, in 2018. The series consists of 22 episodes along with three filler episodes. You can watch ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ on online platforms such as NetflixCrunchyrollFunimation.




7. Trinity Seven

The romantic, adult-oriented Anime series has only one season, with just one or two filler episodes. Produced by Hiroshi Nishikiori. The plot that is told in Trinity Seven tells the tale of the day of the Black Sun. Everything is destroyed and very few survive. Hijiri Kasuga was a resident of a town of small size with her cousin Arata Kasuga. On the day of the disaster, Arata survived, but Hijiri was removed. She was able to pray to the grimoire, which she wears on a necklace and begs it to guard her beloved cousin. The Grimoire’s power reconstructs Arata’s story and makes him forget his past. However, it’s all fake and not true.

A mage called Lilith Asami appears and gives him the truth. He also discovers that it is a miracle that Hijiri lives. He is determined to save his beloved cousin and thus decides to become a mage for himself. He is accepted into his fellow students at Royal Biblia Academy, which was a school designed to have magic. He is able to meet an elite group of magickal mages, Lilith being one of the members. The group was referred to by the name of Trinity Seven. Arin is a member of the group was identical to Hijiri however, her behaviour was completely different. The story is told as Arata attempts to find his missing cousin.


characters trinity seven
‘Trinity Seven,’ C[ Seven Arcs Pictures]

“Trinity Seven” premiered on October 8th in 2014. The series was cancelled on the 24th of December, 2014. the final episode of the season first was published on the 24th of December in the same year. The series consists of 12 episodes. the series also includes one filler episode. The Anime web series and TV series is available to stream online on platforms like Netflix , Crunchyroll and AnimeLab .



6. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

The thrilling and bizarre Anime series comprises two seasons, as well as a lot of filled-in episodes. Written by Hiraku Kaneko, the story of “Valkyrie Drive Mermaid The story follows the exciting stories of Mamori Tokonome she was an Extra. Mamori is a partner with Mirei Shikishima, who, however, had the status of a Liberator. Mamori was able to transform into a weapon whenever she was in need of sexual attention. She could be utilized as a weapon when she was a Liberator. The two girls are on an island and are under surveillance by the government to determine whether or not they’re fit to be reintegrated into society.

poster Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid
The Official Poster Of ‘Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid’, C[Arms]

The Anime series debuted on October 10th in 2015. Then, the final episode in the series was released on the 26th of December, the same year. “Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid’ contains 24 episodes, as well as the filler episode of six. You can stream this Anime online and on television on platforms like Funimation , AnimeLab .



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5. School Of The Dead High School Of The Dead

The acclaimed Anime series is comprised of only one season, with only one filler episode. Produced by Tetsuro Araki. The principal story of ‘High School Of The Dead’ centres around a nurse from a high school and a group of students from high school. A deadly epidemic was ravaging their city, and the affected people were turning into zombies. There is no cure for the pandemic at present, students and the nurses have to figure out how to end the zombie plague and heal the wounded as well as the survivors. The story continues after the group has reached primary school also called”the safe zone.


The Official Poster Of ‘High School Of The Dead’, C[Madhouse]

The Anime series premiered on July 5th in 2010, and the final instalment of the show was released on 20th September the same year. “High School Of The Dead’ contains 12 episodes as well as a filler episode. You can stream this Anime TV and web series on the internet platform called Netflix.




4. Redo of Healer

The dark fantasy is only one season, with no filler episodes. The director is Takuya Asaoka. The plot of “Redo of the Healer” follows Keyaru. Keyaru was a boy of just a few years old that was also a talented healer. The evil people would profit from his innocence and would abuse and harass the young man simply because he was a healer. He was a very reputable person however, it was far too to be anything once Keyaru realized the power he had. To get justice, Keyaru decides to go back in time with his magical abilities and recreate the things that had previously caused him to be miserable.


The Official Poster Of ‘Redo Of Healer,’ C[TNK]

The initial episode of “Redo of Healer’ aired on the 13th day of January in 2021. the final episode in the series airing on the 31st of March in the same year in 2021. The Anime web and television series has 12 episodes, with only three filler shows. You can stream ‘Redo Of Healer’ on web-based platforms like Crunchyroll , Funimation, and HIDIVE ,





3. Astarotte’s Toy

This violent Anime series is one season. Produced by Fumitoshi Ozaki, ‘Astarotte’s toy revolves around Astarotte Ygvar who was the first princess of succubus of her kingdom. When she was 10, a succubus is required to begin performing different acts to stay healthy, beautiful and attractive. The most crucial action she should perform is to indulge in the intimate and sexual practice of eating the male essence known as”salaryman. “salaryman,” which is in liquid form. When Astarotte turns ten and reaches puberty, she’s instructed by her parents to create a male harem of her own, which guarantees the intake of male essence in all times. However, the princess has a deep hatred of males and only wants to create the harem only in the event that a male human agrees to be a part of it. In order to fulfil the princess’s desire, a male human identified as Nova Tohara and his little daughter is asked to be a good sport to Astarotte.


poster of astarotte's toy
‘Astarotte’s Toy,’ C[Diomedéa]

The first episode of the series ‘Astarotte’s Toy’ premiered on April 10, 2011 in the year 2011. the final episode was released on the 26th of June in that same year. The Anime web and TV series has 12 episodes and a single filler episode. It is possible to watch ‘Astarotte’s Toy as well on web-based platforms like Crunchyroll .




2. High School DxD

The cult Anime series is comprised of four seasons and some filler episodes. The director is Tetsuya Yanagisawa, the story of “High School DxD” is set in Kuoh Academy. Kuoh Academy. The audience is unaware of the viewers that the academy is filled with mythical creatures such as devils, fallen angels or angels, as students. In the same way, as the public is the human boy Issei Hyodo is one of the students in Kuoh Academy. Kuoh Academy. When he was on a date in the company of Yuma Amano who is a gorgeous girl that he fell in love with, he was killed by Yuma’s demon strength, because she was an angel who had fallen. Happily, Rias Gremory, who was a gorgeous red-haired devil, will take Issei off and reincarnate the demon. Rias was a third-year student at Kuoh Academy. Kuoh Academy. She also kept her eyes at Issei over a long period of time. The next night, Issei wakes up to naked Rias in his room, sleeping in his bed. In shock, he gets her up only to discover that he’s become a devil and is now required to be serving Rias as his mistress.

poster high school dxd
The Official Poster Of ‘High School DxD,’ C[TNK]

The Anime series debuted on the 6th day of January in 2012. The finale episode aired on the 3rd of July in 2018. High School DxD contains 49 episodes as well as sixteen filler episodes. It is possible to watch this Anime online and on television through online platforms, such as Netflix , Crunchyroll and AnimeLab .



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1. Demon King Daimao

The Harem-related Anime series is one episode with no filler episodes. Written by Takashi Watanabe The primary storyline of ‘Demon Kings Daimao’ revolves around a boy named Akuto Sai. He is extremely dedicated and persevering, Akuto wishes to become a magician to help society to grow and make an improved place where he can live. Once he enrols at Constant Magical Academy, an aptitude test informs him of the future he will have. In the near future, Akuto was predicted to be”the” Demon King. Thus, a very volatile and challenging existence began for the poor Akuto who faced the hate he was shown at Akuto by the female leader of the class. The girl seemed to be important, as she was protected by a gorgeous android, and sought out by a powerful woman.

poster of demon king daimao
The Official Poster Of ‘Demon King Daimao,’ C[Artland Inc]

This Anime series was released on the 2nd of April, in 2010, and the last episode was aired on the 18th of June, in the same year itself. ‘Demon King Daimao’ has 12 episodes in total. You can watch this Anime television and web series on online platforms such as NetflixCrunchyroll.

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