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These 11 Things Women Do Because They’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times | BiographyFlash

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We are fragile creatures, liable to turn into monsters when people are incapable of appreciating us.

Being broken and hurt drastically changes a woman’s life and it can cause her to act differently around the people she cares about.

Change is not a bad thing in itself, but change brought about by mistreatment by someone we love can have lifelong consequences.

Broken women can be identified by their behavior, during these daily and insignificant activities which make their suffering a little more visible.

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1. Love made him laugh

the woman laughs

If a man approaches her with a shady, clichéd technique, she’ll probably laugh out loud and make a big scene out of it.

Roses are sickening, chocolates are probably poisoned, and hugs and kisses are not welcome.

2. She doesn’t take love seriously

woman and man laugh while sitting down

She will probably make a joke or two if you talk to her about true love.

She will tell you that all she wants is to die alone, surrounded by her 72 cats.

Even if it seems strange and makes you smile, it still makes you cringe.

3. She won’t trust anyone

a woman and a man talking

Her feelings have been crushed and she won’t allow anyone to get close enough to see her true self.

It’s just that she can’t and won’t trust him again. This is what his experience has taught him.

4. She hangs out with toxic people

friends in the player

What ? She’s been hurt in the past. Nothing can surprise her anymore.

What if she writes to her ex while she’s drunk at a club? He won’t be able to do anything that surprises her, and

5. She flirts. A lot

a man and a woman cross the beach

Once upon a time (a long time ago), she would have fallen in love with one man and been his for eternity.

But now that she’s broken? No darling.

She knows that “staying open to possibilities” is much better and is not emotionally exhausting; This is why she enjoys flirting in a harmless way.

She probably wants to have fun, nothing more.

6. She ends up hurting people, even when it’s not what she wants

a sad woman sits on the floor

You see, broken girls know what it’s like to be hurt and relive that pain over and over again so they don’t want to hurt anyone again.

They don’t want others to experience what they experienced.

But because she is inaccessible, she ends up hurting people unintentionally.

If anyone tries to approach her, she runs away, hurting and confusing said person.

7. She learned that sadness was a part of her life

a sad woman stands on the balcony

Instead of focusing on the present moment and moving on with her life, she ruminates on her past and accepts the pain and depression.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we all need to experience our feelings before putting an end to them; as long as it takes to get better.

But, if this continues indefinitely, it is not healthy and will not help you get better.

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8. She thinks everyone wants to use her

the woman looks at the man sitting at the table

When she meets a man and he is nice to her, she thinks he just wants to have sex with her.

Nothing more. Just sex. Or that he will directly break her heart. This is why she doesn’t even start a relationship.

9. She falls in love with unattainable men

a man and a woman stand on the stairs and talk

They are simply familiar to him.

She is used to men hurting her and good men scare her, which is why she keeps falling for emotionally inaccessible men.

This is what she is familiar with and she knows how to deal with them.

10. She relives the story in her head

a woman sitting by the window

She keeps reliving everything in her head and she’s constantly trying to figure out why it went wrong.

She can’t become herself again because her mind won’t allow her to.

He’s too busy thinking about the horrible things this man did to him and how he made him feel.

11. She believes in change

the woman is sitting next to the pier

No matter how much pain and suffering she endured because of love, she still believes in love, she waits for it.

She believes that one day she will finally find someone who will love her and see her for who she is.

There is indeed a way to change her way of thinking and for her to get better; she believes in it with all her strength.

These 11 Things Women Do Because They've Been Hurt Too Many Times

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