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Richard Branson’s Mahali Mzuri hotel in Kenya is now the best in the world

  • Mahali Mzuri is a Swahili name loosely translating to ‘a beautiful place.
  • The 12-tented luxury safari camp located in the private Olare Motorogi Conservancy was ranked as the number one hotel globally at the 2021 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.


The people who have were treated to Mahali Mzuri’s hospitality always advised it to visit at the very least, once. It is after all the most luxurious safari lodge operated by British billionaire Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic.

Today, its excellence and service has been recognized on a global scale in it is the first time that Mahali Mzuri hotel was named the best worldwide hotel according to The Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

Mahali Mzuri was voted the best accommodation in Africa following an online survey that completed in May. It let readers reflect on their experiences traveling in top resorts, hotels cities, islands, and cities and their ratings dependent on the quality of amenities, location, service food, and overall quality.


Mahali Mzuri - Biographyflash.com
Mahali Mzuri – Biographyflash.com



The 12 tented luxury safari lodge was awarded the top score on the brand index for the familiarity of its customers, employees’ satisfaction, and reputation of the company in addition to its top-quality customer service. The hotel’s sister, Kasbah Tamadot, was named the top hotel of its kind in North Africa for the fourth time.

“Sending big congratulations to Virgin Limited Edition, whose beautiful property in Kenya – Mahali Mzuri – has been named the best hotel in the world. A very special place, run by a brilliant team of people,” Branson tweeted. Branson tweeted.


In an interview with Business Daily in an earlier interview, Business Daily discussed what attracts travelers into the camps, Wilson Odhiambo, the General Manager of Mahali Mzuri, explained.

“As human beings, anything that draws us back to nature or to our origin like the Garden of Eden, we will pay for it. People will pay even more to come to a place like this where they are in touch with nature more privately and intimately. Nature takes you back to where it all started, to your roots.”

According to the website for the hotel Mahali Mzuri’s website, the hotel charges an amount of Sh104,000 ($1000) per night, for the person per night for guests who visit during low tourist season or sh167,000 ($1700) for each guest during the peak season as well as sh157,000 ($1500) for those seeking a wild getaway from the months of December and January.


Mahali Mzuri safari camp. - Biographyflash.com
Mahali Mzuri safari camp. – Biographyflash.com


Mahali Mzuri - Biographyflash.com
Mahali Mzuri – Biographyflash.com


The hotel is able to accommodate the needs of up to 24 persons at any one time. Sometimes, families or groups of friends can lease all 12 tents at Sh3.8 millions ($35000) in the festive season. The tents have ensuite bathrooms with gorgeous decor, cozy bedding, large windows as well as a door leading onto an outdoor deck. Tourists can enjoy sunrise, sunset and even watch wild animals roaming around.

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