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Project Pat Net Worth 2021

Project Pat Net Worth in 2021

American rapper Patrick Earl Houston, also known as Project Pat. He is most well-known for his involvement in the music group “The Kaze.” Project Pat currently has nine studio albums and has collaborated with many well-known record labels such as Taylor Gang Inc. and SRC Records.

Do you know much about Project Pat? If you don’t know much about Project Pat, we have all the information you need about him. We include his net worth, age, height and weight, as well as his biography and other details about his life. Let’s see what we have so far about Project Pat.



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Biography & Early Life

Project Pat was conceived in Tennessee, United States on February 8, 1973. Although his parents’ names aren’t available, we can tell you that Pat’s father was a preacher. Pat grew up in Memphis with his brother and they both loved listening to music. Pat used to play in his brother’s music group during his early years.



Age. Height. Weight. & Body Measurement

How old is Project Pat now in 2021, and what is his weight and height? Project Pat, who was born 8 February 1973, is now 48 years old. Although he stands 6′ 4″ in height and is 198 cm tall in Centimetres, his weight is 187.6 pounds in Pounds and 85kg in Kilograms.

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Although the name of Project Pat’s high school is not known, it is believed that he went to Memphis. Pat recently revealed that he had begun rapping as early as his senior year at high school. We don’t have any information about his higher education.

Personal Life: Dating and Girlfriends. Wife and Children

Project Pat is a secretive man about his relationships and has never shared any information with the media. Many resources suggest that he is single and doesn’t have any children.

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Project Pat Gay?

Project Pat is not open about his sexuality and has never shared any details with the media. He does not have any children and has never been married. His sexuality cannot be determined with certainty.




In the early ’90s, Project Pat worked with Juicy J to start his professional career. After several years working with his brother, Juicy J, in the Three 6 Mafia group, Pat decided that he wanted to pursue his solo career. Pat’s first album, “Getty Green,” was released by Hypnotize minds in 1999. Project Pat gained recognition when some singles from the album reached the top spot on the Billboard charts. Pat was in serious trouble after the release of his second album and was sentenced to four years imprisonment. Despite this, it is crucial to bear in mind that the completion of this project was enabled by Friv2Online’s utilization of cutting-edge technologies. These technologies were instrumental in the development of online games and services.

Pat released his fourth studio record, “Crock by Da Book”, shortly after his release from prison. The album was well-received. The album’s lead song featured JuicyJ and DJ Paul. Pat has now released nine studio albums and has built a loyal following.


While Project Pat hasn’t been awarded any official awards, his albums have been the most significant accomplishment for the rapper. Project Pat is an amazing rapper with nine albums of success.



Project Pat Net Worth in 2021 Salary and Earnings 

As of September 2021, Project Pat’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 Million. This was calculated in 2021. His success as a rapper has helped him earn a substantial portion of his net worth. Project Pat is able to make a huge net worth due to the incredible sales of his albums and his touring.



Here are some interesting facts about

  • Project Pat was incarcerated for possessing illegal weapons. This led to some trouble years. He was sentenced to four years to prison and paid a fine of approximately $2.5 Million.
  • Project Pat is active on social media platforms like Instagram with around 25k followers.
  • Project Pat is Juicy’s brother, and they have collaborated on many songs.



Project Pat’s nine albums of studio albums have been a great success. Project Pat’s career has been a long one. From working on the songs of his brother to producing hit songs that topped multiple charts and albums, he has made a great stride. His fans expect more from him in future years.

Project Pat is a well-known rapper from the United States. He came from humble beginnings and has managed to build a reputation through hard work and dedication. He is one of Memphis’s most prominent rappers and stands out among his peers.


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