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the zodiac sign of Aries

Your self-confidence is high and you will therefore have no problem starting a conversation or approaching someone you like first.

You will go all out and flirt without any embarrassment, which might make those around you a little uncomfortable.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, so if someone else is after the same person as you, you’re not going to have anything against a fight.

Having competition doesn’t scare you at all – it actually makes things more fun.

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zodiac sign Taurus

If you ask a Taurus he will tell you that “The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach”. A meal of homemade lasagna, pizza or pancakes will be one of the date ideas that comes to mind.

Eating out and knowing all the good places is also your way to impress on a date. Once we have targeted our prey, we pursue it no matter what and food is only one of the first steps to achieve this.

Hopefully your crush shares your sweet tooth.


zodiac sign Gemini

“Run from me, I’ll follow you” is a Gemini’s flirting style and it works like a charm.

Gemini likes to shake things up and cause some confusion in their partner.

They don’t seem interested at all and they may even flirt with other people to provoke a reaction in the one they are really interested in.

It’s easier for a Gemini to take a detour into someone else’s heart, than to be frank and honest about their feelings.


cancer zodiac sign

With Cancers it’s all about emotions. So it’s no surprise that they’re overcome with emotion when they’re around the person they love.

They will be totally beside themselves and shy.

They will have the instinct to run in the opposite direction, but also have enough courage to stay and take the risk of going up to that person and starting a conversation, no matter what words may come out of their mouth at that moment.

Their clumsiness is so irresistibly cute, so there’s no reason to worry.


Leo zodiac sign

It won’t be difficult to spot a Leo who is interested in someone. They are the loudest in the room and will go out of their way to be in the spotlight so that their crush notices them.

A Leo will bring his entire briefcase and it will be difficult for anyone to resist him. Their charm and their ability to communicate will make anyone fall for them.


Virgo zodiac sign

Being one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, Virgos are driven and passionate about their work. So, by default, they spend a lot of time at the office and their crush is most likely their work colleague.

A Virgo’s active lifestyle is also one of their excuses to stay single. They are too shy when around someone they like, so they prefer a partner who will make the first move.


zodiac sign of Libra

Libras are guided by Venus, so it’s all about love with them. They are flirtatious and positive by nature, and so a good word will go a long way.

Librarians are always trying to play it cool, but more often than not, the person they like is more than capable of seeing things through. Luckily, that makes them even cuter.


zodiac sign of scorpio

A little mystery is usually a positive thing when it comes to dating.

However, Scorpio goes a little too far with this. No one ever knows what’s going on in their head.

When surrounded by someone they love, Scorpios like to be in control.

A veil of mystery allows them to do this. Their crush needs to be able to read between the lines because Scorpios are never direct.

However, they might want to rethink their strategy and try to be more direct and less mysterious about their feelings, because no one can read minds and their behavior often suggests that they are not interested.


zodiac sign Sagittarius

Sagittarians are known for their quick wit and incredible sense of humor. So they will most likely play this card when they want to impress someone.

However, not everyone shares his sense of humor and appreciates the way he turns almost everything into a joke.

A Sagittarius will only fail at flirting if he is not around someone who has the same sense of humor as him.


zodiac sign Capricorn

A Capricorn never rushes and likes to do things slowly.

He will therefore take the time to get to know the person who catches his eye, before allowing them to even approach his heart.

Capricorns find deep, open conversations extremely sexy, so they’ll ask a million questions and absorb every word that comes from their crush.

They also like to share their life stories.

Capricorns take relationships seriously, so they’ll need more than just clicking with someone, they’ll want to make sure they’re compatible with that person before moving forward.


zodiac sign Aquarius

They need someone they can connect with on an intellectual level.

They are sapiophiles – and that is why an Aquarius will be very interested in the person who shares their views and who will understand them.

They will use their communication skills and their charms to catch the eye and be more attractive to the person they have a crush on.


zodiac sign of Pisces

A Pisces will never make the first move. They prefer to wait for the other party to do it so they can follow their lead.

They’re not very good at initiating things and it’s not their style.

But once someone finds the right way to swim towards them, a Pisces will be full of surprises.

They are perpetual dreamers and hopeless romantics with a bit of a dirty mind.

All of which makes them pretty amazing. All they need now is for the person they like to approach them.

Our Behavior Around The Person We Like, According To Astrological Signs

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