New NBA Triumph of “Golden State”

Golden State Warriors Win Fourth NBA Title in Eight Years


The season 2017/2018 of the National Basketball Association has concluded. It was the first time that “Golden State Warriors” have defended their title as champions and made sure there was no space for their rivals in the play-offs.

This season these current NBA champions did not let us doubt their abilities. They did not perform “at full capacity” but left their rivals in the dust. They were able to overcome a few challenges against “Houston Rockets” but the series ended with “Warriors'” victory with the score of 4-3. In the meantime, the East experienced a fierce battle. In the 7th game, “Cleveland Cavaliers” finally quit leaving “Boston Celtics” behind. In addition, they had to be defeated during the playoffs on their home field.

The two teams, “Golden State” and “Cleveland” met in the final once more. It’s their fourth encounter in the final series in the same row. Then LeBron James & Co became champions only once.

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The result of the NBA Final Series in the NBA NBA

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Many anticipated a hard-fought fight, and only the final match would determine the outcome of the title. The fans and analysts alike recalled the final match in 2016, in which “Cleveland” lost with a score of 3-1. However, they were able to turn the tide in the match. The team was victorious by scoring 4-3. But, the fans weren’t able to notice a lot of interest. There were various reasons:

  • The bad guy playing on LeBron James’ partners;
  • too weak “Cleveland” bench;
  • A good way to prepare “Warriors”.

In the end, they were victorious in four matches, giving “Cleveland” a real chance only in the opening game in the overtime. Then, the media announced that LeBron is likely to quit the team. In reality, the other players of “Cavaliers” are not top-rated. This is the reason “Golden State” won so easily. In addition, the gap between priority and advantage was 30 points during the fourth game.

It’s been reported that “Cleveland” fans’ fears were confirmed as James quit the team to join “Los Angeles Lakers” and more wins, so it’s unlikely to expect to see “Cavaliers” in the final game soon. In addition, the team is to be dominated by LeBron to make it into the play-offs round. Additionally, “Lakers” haven’t played games in a head-to-head format for a few years and now must focus on getting within the top 8. Then, everything will be contingent on what happens.


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LeBron’s departure caused another issue which was the weakening of the Eastern Conference. There’s certainly a sense of excitement within the West however, the other half of the table doesn’t seem to be as attractive. The change to James”Lakers “Lakers” will cause a larger gap.

What can make this East better is the team’s progress? “Philadelphia” has recently looked like an outsider to the league. In the past season, the team not only reached the play-offs but also established itself as a legitimate rival to “Boston”. In addition, “The Celtics” has recently increased their strength and this team is referred to as the most popular team for this season’s Eastern Conference in this season.

The last time they were defeated by “Cleveland” in a dramatic fight, it was clear that the team can only improve despite a star like LeBron James who is capable of turning the tide of the game on his own, having quit the game.

In the following campaign, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant & Co will attempt to replicate their success, but it’s expected that they’ll face an opponent coming from the Eastern Conference.



Main Favorites of the Upcoming Season NBA

The draft isn’t likely to affect the power balance this year. At this point, “Golden State” looks as if it is a sure favourite. The most important thing that could hinder the team from achieving the championship rings is the lack of passion. The team is certainly one of the best teams in the League and their 3 championships over four years speak for themselves. The team isn’t as taken a breather. Last season proved this: the team did not play at its fullest in certain competitions, and the team’s leaders sometimes joined the fray.

But the principal benefit of Warriors is a fantastic bench that allows everyone to contribute to the team’s plan of action. The other competitors aren’t able to boast of the number of stars on the team, so they think of the strategies targeted at two or three primary payers. The lack of motivation can be disguised by the expertise and the abilities the players never lost. In this kind of environment, it is only possible to wish for the team who are facing difficulties.

In the NBA the weakest team in the league can win, which means what happens in any contest can be quite unexpected. The biggest mystery this season is James for the “Lakers”. What kind of results can he expect to be able to lead the team that had the worst record over the past 5 years? LeBron was accustomed to playing in the finals, at the very least but at present, he’s played with weak and unstable players. 


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Therefore, it will be time to determine how successful he will be in this difficult position. This is why the upcoming campaign of the National Basketball Association promises to be exciting and interesting. To stay up to date with the events, look into using a service such as ExpressVPN to get around NBA Blackouts, and stream live games.

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