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Michael Jackson Net Worth 2022


What was Michael Jackson’s Net Worth?


Net Worth: $500 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 29, 1958 – Jun 25, 2009 (50 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Entertainer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Choreographer, Record producer, Actor, Businessperson, Film Producer, Dancer, Film Score Composer
Nationality: United States of America


Michael Jackson was an American musician, actor, singer producer and philanthropist. Michael Jackson was worth less than $500 million when he died. demise. Theoretically speaking it is possible to say that at the time of Michael’s death, Michael was in debt of $500 million as a result of years of excessive spending and borrowing. In the past, he’s sold more than 750,000 albums, with the majority of them being 35 million albums that were sold during the year that followed his death.

In the period between 1985 and 1995, Michael Jackson comfortably earned between $50-100 million annually through tours and record sales, endorsements and merchandise. However, Michael spent the money in the same amount as the money he earned. His extravagant lifestyle cost around 50 million dollars a year to run. He gave 12 million to his infant mommy Debbie Rowe and spent another $20 million to settle an unsolved child molestation case in addition to several million dollars spent on attorneys. Neverland Ranch cost $19.5 million to acquire and 10 million dollars a year to run. He invested $35 million in transforming the ranch into an amusement area. Then there were the Bentleys as well as the antiques as well as the art, wild animals and the iconic diamond-plated gloves. Jackson also invested between $50-100 million on film and music projects that didn’t get off the ground.

Even after his death, Jackson remains an extremely loved and successful star throughout the world.


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Early Life

Michael Joseph Jackson Was born on (August 29 1958 – 25 June 2009.) was an American artist, singer and dancer. His nickname is”the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson is widely regarded as among the top important people of this century. In his four decades of a music career, his contributions to fashion, dance, and music as well as his well-publicized personal life have made him a global persona in popular culture. Jackson was influential to artists from all genres, and through the stage and in video shows and dance performances, he influenced complex dance moves like the moonwalk, which he named and also the robot. He is the most prestigious solo artist in music history.

The eighth member of the Jackson family, Jackson made his professional debut in 1964 along with his older brother Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon as part of the Jackson 5 (later known as The Jacksons). Jackson started his solo journey in the year 1971 during his time in the studio at Motown Records. He made his debut as a solo artist through his 1979 album Off the Wall. His music videos, which include the ones that feature “Beat It”, “Billie Jean” as well as “Thriller” from his 1982 album Thriller were recognized for breaking down barriers of race and turning the medium into an art form and a promotional tool. He was instrumental in the rise in the world of MTV as well as continuing to push the boundaries by releasing music videos for album titles Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) along with HIStory: Past Present and Future Book I (1995). Thriller was the top-selling album ever and Bad was also the very first record that produced five U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles.

In the latter half of the 1980s, Jackson was a subject of debate and speculation because of his altering appearance, his relationships with his family, lifestyle, and behaviour. In 1993 Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting a child of a friend from the family. The case was resolved outside the civil court. Jackson was not charged due to the absence of evidence. In 2005 Jackson was tried but cleared of more child abuse allegations as well as various other charges. The FBI discovered no evidence of any criminal activity for Jackson in either of the cases. In 2009, as he was prepping for a series of concerts that would be a comeback called this Is It, Jackson died due to an overdose of propofol, administered by his doctor, Conrad Murray, who was sentenced in 2011 for manslaughter involuntary.




Age, Height and Weight

Date of Birth: Aug 29, 1958 – Jun 25, 2009 (50 years old)

Gender: Male

Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)

Weight: Weighed in at 132 pounds at the time of his death




Music Catalog

Michael’s most important asset before his passing was his music catalogue. While the value of the copyright of his music was estimated at around $100 million, the real piece of his wealth was his collection of songs from other artists including those of The Beatles. Michael’s first attempt at owning music rights started by purchasing the catalogues from Sly and Family Stone in the early 1980s. Then he bought a collection of classic singles such as “Great Balls of Fire”, “Shake Rattle Rattle and Roll”, “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “Runaround Sue” to name just a few. The biggest prize was made in November 1984 when Michael bought the Beatles catalogue of ATV music for $47.5 million. The Beatles catalogue was later combined with Sony to form a 50/50 joint venture named Sony/ATV that is today valued at about $2-4 billion.



Buying the Beatles

In the year 1984, Robert Holmes owned The Beatles’ catalogue of songs. The Australian billionaire had put it up for sale under the name of ATV Music Publishing, a firm he founded that held the rights to around 4000 songs. It also had the division known as Northern Songs, which was the publishing part of The Beatles. It is true it was Paul McCartney and John Lennon who signed a terrible contract in the early days of their careers that granted the rights to publish greater than 250 of their songs Northern Songs. The year 1984 was the time that Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono had the chance to purchase the Beatles catalogue, but they declined because the price of $40 million was too expensive.

At the time, the 25-year-old Michael Jackson was fresh off the huge success of the Thriller album and during a two-year-long shopping spree for publishing rights. The singer invested millions in 1982 and 1984 in buying publishing rights of artists such as Sly and Family Stone and such hits like the Great Balls of Fire When a Man Loves a Woman and Runaround Sue among some. Jackson’s attorney John Branca heard that the ATV catalogue/The Beatles catalogue was available for auction and contacted Michael about purchasing the catalogue. Michael advised that he would not spare a penny and with the top offer of 40 million dollars, Jackson and Branca offered $47.5 million ( $115 million in dollars today).

From then on, Michael was free to license any Beatles song. He did in 1987 when he sold Revolution to Nike for $500,000. In the deal, Jackson got $250,000 and McCartney and Lennon were each paid $125,000 since they owned the songwriter’s royalties.



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Michael Jackson’s Net Worth at Death

The technical aspect of his net worth Michael Jackson as of the time of his demise was less than $500 million. To fund his lifestyle, at one time Michael took out a 380-million loan with Bank of America, using his ownership stake of 50% of the company that published music Sony/ATV for collateral. The interest on the loan was several million dollars annually. Within a short time, Michael Jackson had repaid the entire $380 million, plus $120 million. This is the reason why, when he died in 2009, passing in the year 2009 Michael Jackson was $500 million in debt.




Merging With Sony

in 1995 Sony came to Michael with an amazing offer. Sony offered Michael $95,500,000 ($230 million in the present) to combine ATV music into their catalogue and create a 50/50 owned publishing giant. Michael accepted and immediately returned twice his initial investment, while also getting the majority of ownership in the larger music publishing firm. Additionally, Jackson still controlled 100 per cent of his music through a separate company named Mijac Music.

The brand new Jackson/Sony company will be known under the brand name Sony/ATV Music Publishing and would expand over the next 10 years to include 200,000 songs. Between the years 2005-2002, Sony/ATV expanded to manage two million songs, which includes catalogues and songs of artists such as Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan, Beck, and Eminem. For 2012, alone the firm made $1.25 billion in royalties and licensing, and an annual income of $500 million. The company today is worth anywhere from $2-4 billion.





Earnings and Expenses

During his life, Jackson earned around $500 million through his concerts, music and endorsements, but when he died in 2009, he was demise in 2009, and he was $500,000 in debt. Jackson was left in debt when he splurged all his money on an expensive and complicated life. He spent anywhere from $30 to $50 million a year for his lifestyle and was able to rack up huge debts with his agents, lawyers and publicists. Here are some highlights:

  • $17 million to buy the Neverland Ranch and $5 million annually in maintenance expenses
  • $20 million in settlement to settle the child molestation case.
  • $65 million in a variety of video projects, which includes his 35-minute feature film “Ghosts” that he co-wrote with Stephen King
  • A divorce settlement of $12 million with his girlfriend Debbie Rowe.
  • $5 million annually in interest payments for his outstanding debts.
  • Tens of millions of dollars were invested in Bentley’s antique clothing, art as well as chimpanzees, diamond-encrusted gloves as well as other trinkets.

To fund his lavish living, Jackson took out a $380 million loan to fund the worth of his catalogue. The pop singer was infamously uninformed regarding his financial situation and was a bit over-inflated in his perception of his worth. At the close of his career, the singer was caught in a tizzy in financial dealings with hedge funds, banks and other unsavoury individuals to keep his lifestyle intact as he attempted to stage a professional financial comeback. Before his death, Michael had paid off the whole $380 million loan and was unable to even think about paying off the interest and even paying back the principal. This was the primary cause Michael had to perform his return concert “This Is It” which could be the reason for his demise.



Who Inherited Michael Jackson’s Estate?

In the time following Michael Jackson’s death, his executors staged a frenzied financial return. One of their top objectives was to bring the estate to financial viability so that they didn’t have to dispose of his music collection.

Michael will be leaving the 40% portion of his wealth to his three children to be divided evenly. The remaining 20% was given to various charities for children and the remaining 40 per cent was left to help Katherine, his mom. Katherine. When Katherine dies, 40% of the estate will go to Michael’s children, which means that eventually, Michael’s three children will share the estate to the tune of 80.

Michael Jackson - Net Worth at Death



Jackson Estate Net Worth Post Death

In all likelihood, death was the most beneficial thing that has ever been for Michael’s financial situation. Since he passed away on the 25th of June, 2009 He has always been the highest-earning deceased celebrity in the world. From the moment of Michael’s demise, his executors began to strengthen the financial health of the pop star. They quickly sold Michael’s future recording rights to Sony in exchange for the sum of $225 million which at the time was the biggest record deal ever signed. His lawyers also dug through a vast amount of home videos from the final calendar year. The result was the movie “This Is It” which was released in theatres all over the globe. The film has grossed more than $500 million. Following the popularity of the film as well as the record deal numerous other endorsers came in. Pepsi signed a contract to licence Michael’s picture. Cirque du Solei produced two Las Vegas shows around his music and images. The Jackson estate is 50/50 partners with Cirque du Solei in both shows. In addition, Michael Jackson left tens of thousands of personal belongings and memorabilia that are stored in three huge warehouses located in Southern California. The items will be kept until the 3 of Michael Jackson’s children turn 18 years old, at which point they can choose what they would like to keep and what items should be sold off.

His stake of 50% in the Sony/ATV catalogue of music has yielded 8-figure dividends to his estate to this day.

In the years since Michael Jackson died in 2009, His estate has earned more than $700 million. This is more than the average of any artist alive during that time. His executors have paid off his loan from Sony and protected the future of his record collection worth billions of dollars. Milestones in earnings:

  • 2018 2019: $400 million
  • 2017 $ 75 Million
  • 2016 825 million
  • 2015 115 million


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Michael Joseph Jackson Was born on (August 29 1958 – 25 June 2009.) was an American artist, singer and dancer. His nickname is”the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson is widely regarded as among the top important people of this century.

As of 2022, At the time of his death in 2009, Michael Jackson reportedly had a net worth of about $500 million, though this amount has been disputed over the years.

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