Lights Out: What the Pandemic Has changed Las Vegas

Sin City returns! Las Vegas has changed post the pandemic, but the energy of entertainment is still alive.

Sin City has returned! Las Vegas has changed post the pandemic, however, its spirit is alive and well.

As Las Vegas announced COVID-19 curbs on businesses that are not essential in March of 2020, the lights went out in the largest entertainment hub in the entire world. The roads packed with the most popular casinos and luxurious hotels were unoccupied as smiles replaced by masks of faces. Each casino was equipped with locks on its front doors, and the brightly lit strip went dark only time in the history of John F. Kennedy in 1963. LED marquees throughout the city were displayed with good wishes for the health of the community. Sin City went to sleep. Sin City went to sleep.



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After a few months, following the epidemic city reopened its doors to a flurry of visitors despite COVID-19 guidelines. The city was restricted to visitors, certain areas were closed off and social distancing was prevalent and hotel capacity was reduced. Nowadays, the Las Vegas of 2021 paints an entirely different picture in comparison to 2019. Yet, the attraction is still there. Sin City is attracting tourists from around the world but with a dose of caution. July 2021 saw the number of tourists rise to 3.3 million and is similar to pre-pandemic numbers. The most recent Delta version of Coronavirus is threatening tourists on the move and the locals have resigned towards the reality of the situation.



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Sin City Is Open – Post-Vaccination Trips are In Vogue

Americans who are stuck in their homes have a desire to travel and adventures. As international flights are decreasing and people discovering new destinations for travel across the nation which is why Las Vegas tops the list. A trip post-vaccination to Las Vegas is the perfect trip. There’s nothing better than celebrating the return to normal the post-COVID-19 world.

While everything may appear normal from the outside but a lot has changed beneath the glittery façade COVID-19 has been significantly affecting the business landscape. For starters, the majority of kinds of businesses, such as restaurants, casinos cinemas, malls and hotels, are operating, but with moderate to severe restrictions. Dance shows are returning but the seating is not socially focused.


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The tour operators operating in the city are also wary of the size of their tour groups and a lot of locations are not on the list. Staff shortages are common because many employees haven’t been able to return to their previous jobs. Parking fees that were waived in the last quarter of 2020 are now back for most casinos and hotels. It was great for a while. Many high-end casinos and restaurants were exempt from various fees to lure gamblers, diners, and other guests. The requirement for vaccinations is to be met before entering to some of the most popular locations along the Las Vegas strip. For instance, MGM Grand has made compulsory vaccination for its employees.


COVID-19 Casts its Shadow Over Vegas

The entire spectrum of entertainment in Las Vegas now operates within the guidelines laid out by the Center for Disease Control. From masking regulations to hygiene standards, every establishment is encouraging its patrons to be aware of Covid-19. Fans of shows should expect strict hygiene in the course of night’s entertainment. Some of the most renowned venues, such as MGM Resorts, offer COVID-19 tests to guests, in addition to quarantine services and on-site vaccination clinics.




However, not every company has returned to pre-pandemic numbers. The most significant shift since March 2020 has been the dearth of Uber and Lyft. Much like everywhere else taxi services, the taxi industry has been hit particularly hard by the shortage of drivers as well as longer wait times. Naturally, the costs have risen dramatically. The cost of renting a car has been increasing dramatically, rendering the option difficult for many tourists.

Thankfully that it’s a good thing that the Las Vegas monorail is in full operation, allowing visitors to visit stops along The Strip. But don’t expect to go up and have a meal at any establishment. Some restaurants continue to follow reservations procedures where tables are reserved in advance. If the restaurant you like is fortunate enough to remain operating at all you can be sure that it is working with a limited staff. A lot of restaurants are booked out weeks in advance to serve their customers. Reservations instead of walking into the restaurant have become the standard.



This is the Story Of Las Vegas 2.0

Despite the pandemic, the expansion of new developments continues forward. Many pre-pandemic projects are set to adorn The Strip with exclusive, glamorous entertainment. For instance, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas opened its doors in March, replacing the legendary Hard Rock hotel. The ultra-luxury $4.3 billion Resorts World Las Vegas went live in March, offering a variety of world-class Las Vegas experiences to guests


FlyOver The ultimate trip along The Strip, is open which is attracting huge crowds of visitors. Furthermore, Vegas Loop, the next-gen underground tunnel-based transportation concept that was created by Elon Musk, aims to automate the Las Vegas strolling experience. Presently, Vegas Loop is undergoing tests. In the future, it will encompass the entirety of downtown Vegas as well as a variety of “The Strip locations.

This means that Las Vegas has proven once yet again that this city never stops moving, regardless of whether it’s there is a pandemic or not!

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