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Inside the Mind of a Girl Who Thinks She’ll Never Be Enough | BiographyFlash

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If you leave someone, if you close your door to them forever, if you say goodbye to them, be careful with your words.

When you walk out of someone’s life, you have to choose your words carefully. Because once you’ve said what you have to say out loud, there’s no going back.

You cannot take back what you said and nothing you say next, even if you misspoke, will make it right.

Once you say goodbye, the damage you inflict is permanent, but the way you say goodbye can make a difference. How you say it determines the amount of damage done.

Look at this girl who looks perfectly normal from the outside.

She is pretty in the eyes of some and less so in the eyes of others. She is funny and brilliant for some and less so for others.

Some like it, others less. It is good enough for some and not so much for others. None of this would matter if she was well enough.

That was the case before, but not anymore.

When someone you like clearly shows you, day after day, that they don’t think you are good enough for them; when someone you choose every day doesn’t even bother to choose you; When someone at the top of your priority list relegates you to the bottom of theirs, no matter how strong you think you are, doubt will whisper in your ear that you’re not good enough .

And if you don’t shut him up or if no one comes along and proves you wrong, you’ll convince yourself that you’re not good enough.

This is exactly what happened to him.

When we make someone our priority but they are not good to us, things are bound to go wrong.

When we welcome someone into our lives without knowing what to do with our kindness, we are doomed to be broken by that person. And that’s exactly where everything started to go wrong for her.

She feels like she is losing control over her life.

She hates waking up feeling defeated by her own thoughts. She hates her demons but she has no idea how to get rid of them.

As if she didn’t want to be normal. But how do you get things back to normal when everything you do is never good enough?

Inside the Mind of a Girl Who Always Feels Like She's Not Good Enough

She no longer has the strength to fight the obstacles that stand in her way. Somehow, whatever she does, it’s either wrong or it’s not good enough.

Things never go his way and anything that can go wrong, definitely goes wrong.

When you are constantly hit by life, there comes a time when you no longer have the strength to hit back and fight.

She decided to stay down and let it all go because she figured that’s how things were going to end anyway.

She blamed herself every time someone left her. She kept wondering if there was something she could have done to avoid it.

She never stopped wondering what she could have done to make them leave her. Would things be better if she had laughed more or done something they needed?

Would they stay then?

She can’t remember the last time someone made her their priority.

She is one of those who always puts others first.

She always gives her all and the best of herself but it seems like people don’t care enough about her to notice. They did not notice his efforts, his “sacrifices” and everything else in order to satisfy them.

No one cares enough about her to notice that she deserved everything but in fact got nothing.

She struggles to find the strength to cope alone. She will have difficulty emerging from the darkness on her own.

And we have to admit, we all need a little help from time to time. We were not born to live our lives alone.

Sometimes we need a friendly reminder to realize that, in fact, we are good enough.

She needs a little friendly reminder that her thoughts are mostly figments of her imagination.

She needs someone who reminds her that in life the problems never stop accumulating but that it is up to her to decide how many things will be able to reach her.

She needs to be reminded that the bad days may seem endless but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and that all the struggles she fights today will be forgotten tomorrow.

Because none of this will matter in 24 hours.

She needs to be reminded that not everyone she loves is necessarily good. Just because a good person likes someone does not mean that they are necessarily good.

In most cases, it’s quite the opposite. Good people attract toxic people all the time. Tell him this. Tell him all that.

Remind him of his qualities. Tell her how much she means to you. Tell him that life has more to offer as well as people; tell her that she too can believe in more than what she currently believes in. Be a rock for her to rest on.

Be good to her because so far she has been good to everyone.

Show her that she is good enough. She just needs a little help to get back on track. I promise you that one day you will be glad you did it.

Because one day, when she is completely healed, you will see her amazing qualities and thank God for allowing you to be there on her bad days and also on her good days.

Because it will be memorable and worthy of all the fights.

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