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I’ve been there. I don’t just rewrite things that have been written a million times on the Internet.

I really experienced that. I lived through this horror, 3 years of horror to be more precise.

We met and fell in love, at least for me.

It was like a fairy tale, almost too good to be true.

I should have known from the start that life never works like that. I should have known something would go wrong.

I should have known I was on the edge of a cliff. The view was magnificent, but one step further and I was met with certain death.

Yes, that’s what I call life with him, certain death.

Actually, dying was a nice thought compared to what he was doing to me.

Death was an easy way out that I refused to take, although I was sorely tempted.

You know, when you are taught the difference between good and evil, some say to beware of the devil because he will present himself as something you crave, something you cannot resist.

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the woman is sitting alone

Evil quickly consumes and seduces you, and this was my evil. It was the devil who bewitched me and tried to destroy me.

But my wounded soul found the strength to heal itself and move away from him!

He was so perfect, considerate, loving. I thought I had everything, that life had given me the gift of love.

I thought that life had finally given me the chance to be happy until the end of time. But it was just a test.

Now I realize that his toxic soul was drawn to me to make me stronger, to teach me to resist, to teach me to fight for myself.

It brought me thousands of tears and enormous heartache, but I learned my lesson and I won.

He was a fucking artist.

He knew how to disguise himself so well that no one would ever doubt, not even for a second, his kindness and his fake smiles.

He had played the role of a benevolent benefactor for far too long and everyone had believed him.

I fell for it until we started living together, until he could no longer hide his true colors.

the woman sits by the sea and lowers her head

When I learned to stand up to him and stand up for myself, his anger and toxic inner self only grew and strengthened.

When I learned to stand up to him and stand up for myself, his anger and toxic inner self only grew and strengthened.

His actions had become even more harmful. He felt himself losing his grip on me and he became even worse.

There were times when I thought he was going to give up on me and leave me alone, but he became even more obsessed with me because he couldn’t stand the fact that I was going to leave him.

There were times when I thought he was going to give up on me and leave me alone, but he became even more obsessed with me because he couldn’t stand the fact that I was going to leave him.

He couldn’t accept the fact that he had lost this battle. And then, I was supposed to pay the price for my freedom and for a life free from abuse.

Here’s what he did to me, and how he blew his cover and proved he was a toxic manipulator:

1. He played the victim

a woman with her back to a man

When we argued, when I got tired of his lies and confronted him, he played the victim card.

Somehow he always did that.

He knew exactly when to turn on his charm and pretend that he was sorry, that he had made a mistake and now he felt like shit.

I fell for it every time. I thought he was really sorry, that he realized what he was doing to me, and most importantly, that he hadn’t done it on purpose.

I felt guilty for cornering him and accusing him of being a manipulative asshole. I felt sorry for him and gave him another chance.

There were hundreds of similar situations and I gave it hundreds of new chances, but nothing changed.

It’s his way of playing with me to make me feel sorry for him, so that at the end of every argument I end up apologizing and forgetting why I was angry with him at the beginning.

Which was his plan all along.

2. He pretended to respect me

a man gives a bouquet of flowers to a woman

Like I said before, he was kind and loving from the start. He wanted to give me the whole world.

He listened to everything I said and made all my wishes come true.

He was the man I dreamed of spending the rest of my life with. Wasn’t I stupid and blind?

At first, he really listened to everything I said.

When I spoke, he paid attention, but not because he cared about me and was interested in what I had to say, but because he wanted to use it in the future.

He listened to me because he wanted to use whatever information he could to manipulate me whenever he wanted.

His plan was to make me an obedient puppet, a woman with no opinions, no backbone. He wanted me to dance to his tune. And for a while, he succeeded.

3. He made me feel guilty

the woman stands with her head down

He was always by my side, watching over everything I did and he always found a fault. Even when I did my best, he came and shit on me.

I believed that nothing I had done was good. I thought I was incapable of living, much less capable of doing anything.

So, I took all my confidence and put it in him, thinking that he would help me and teach me how to finally succeed. It was my biggest mistake and his biggest triumph.

When I wanted to do something for myself, he let me do it, but he always made sure I felt guilty about doing it.

And when I went out without him, I didn’t have fun. All I could think about was him and the fact that he was home alone while I was having fun.

So I would drop everything and come home to be with him, I would return to misery and pain. What he wanted all along.

4. He made lots of promises

the guy hugs the girl and kisses her on the cheek

If you had heard her speeches and her promises, you would have thought you were the luckiest girl in the world.

He made promises and piled them on top of each other without ever delivering on any of them.

They were just empty words, thrown around aimlessly, except to blind me and keep me on the path he wanted, and in his thrall.

I never got what he promised me and it was never meant to be. These things were said to deceive me into waiting patiently for something good to happen.

And you know what ? Nothing good ever happened, only what he wanted to happen, my feelings never mattered.

He was the most important thing in our relationship and as long as he was happy, “everything was fine”.

5. He pretended to want to help me

a man helps a woman

He pretended to be worried about me. He lied to me and pretended to really care about me, when he never did anything to help me with my problems.

These were just words that were not followed by actions. Even when he “wanted” to help me, he chose a good time to do it.

Usually when I didn’t need his help, or when I knew I would do better than him.

And the problem is, he knew it. There have been situations where he deliberately did things the wrong way just to make sure I would never ask him for help again. He had everything planned in advance and I had no chance against him.

6. He criticized and judged me all the time

the guy makes fun of the woman

He made sure I knew my place. He made sure I never think I can do what I want. Because I had the possibility, since I was better than him and he knew it.

It was his greatest fear. So he wanted to degrade me and make me feel like I wasn’t good enough for anything.

He wanted to make sure I would never try anything by convincing me in advance that I would fail.

He judged everything I did and even criticized the things I did well. It was killing me from the inside. Little by little, my self-esteem and self-confidence began to disappear.

I no longer had confidence in myself because I believed myself to be incompetent. Believe me, after a while you really start to think that way about yourself.

You start to believe that God put you on earth for no purpose, and then you give in. You give yourself to him completely because you think that at least he will know what to do with you.

This is where his manipulative behavior will make you hate yourself.

Now I’m finally free from this hell, but I’m far from okay. It’s just a phrase I say to people to get them to leave me alone.

I lie to them, but I don’t lie to myself.

I know what I’ve survived, but I don’t know how to get rid of all this pain and humiliation. But I don’t lie to myself. I know it will be difficult.

I am falling apart because I survived the hardest battle life has ever thrown at me and now I am healing and counting my blessings.

It will be a while before I come back to life. Love? I don’t know if it exists, but I won’t cross it off my list.

I just need some time to put everything back together and get back to the old me that he made me let go of so easily.

If He Does These 6 Things, He's a Toxic Manipulator

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