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Here’s the details of Jeff Bezos Plans To Do After stepping down as the CEO of Amazon

Life Post Amazon: Here’s What Jeff Bezos Plans To Do After Stepping Down As CEO Of Amazon


Jeff Bezos has big plans after quitting his position as CEO of Amazon.

Then, in February of 2021 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he was going to quit as the CEO of the giant e-commerce company. While he will remain on as chief executive officer, Bezos hopes to focus on his other interests in the future.

Bezos has stated that the move back does not have anything to do with retirement. Actually, the billionaire has plans to keep working on developing the development of new items for Amazon and laid out detailed plans for the future as Earth’s Most Employer and the Earth’s most secure workplace in the letter to shareholders that was released after the change was made.

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Despite the numerous complaints about employee standards previously, Bezos believes those complaints are solvable and taking over the company’s leadership will aid in the growth of the company that he loves. Bezos told shareholders that he’s in good shape and has a lot of ideas across a variety of areas which he’d like to pursue with Amazon and in other ventures.

as one of the Richest People in the world who has an estimated net amount of $199.7 billion. Many are wondering what’s to come for the 54-year-old.


Focusing On Non-Profit Ventures

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“Day One” was a catchy phrase that has been used by Bezos throughout the years as an incentive for employees to view each day of their company as the very first day of their business’s launch. The phrase was used to create his non-profit helping people change their lives towards a better direction.

Bezos created The Day One Fund in 2018 to help children who are not served by providing full-time preschool scholarships. The schools will be run on Montessori principles of children-focused learning, flexible curriculum, less emphasis on testing and more focus on personal desires.

The charity also provides assistance to those who help families who are homeless.

The year 2020 was the first time that The Day One Fund gave leadership prizes for the third year consecutively to 42 beneficiaries across 24 states, in the amount of $105.9 million. The funds will continue to activities to assist their communities.

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Last year, Bezos created the Bezos Earth Fund with the promise of $10 billion to safeguard the environment. According to Forbes, the organization has provided money to activists and scientists to tackle global warming as well as other climate-related issues.

The CEO and President of the Fund is Director Dr Andrew Steer, the Bezos Earth Fund has already given the first round of grants worth $791 million as per CNBC. The beneficiaries include Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Defense Council and the World Wildlife Fund.


Out Of This World Plans

By way ofthe Bezos’ company Blue Origin LLC, Blue Origin LLC, the three passengers (including Mark, his twin brother Mark) recently flew on an adventure to the outermost reaches of space in the New Shepard spacecraft developed by Blue Origin.

The flight took about 10 minutes. Passengers could feel the weightlessness of space travel. Following the first space flight, Bezos declared that Blue Origin is worth close to $100 million of private sale to fund future space missions. In the words of Money Control, the space company was founded upon a dream Bezos told in 1982 where he had the idea of the construction of amusement parks, hotels in space and colonies to accommodate 2-3 million people living in orbit.

There were discussions on the environmental effects that Earth was experiencing brought up concerns about living in space and conditions. The ingenuity-driven inventor was looking for an approach to protect Earth should that the planet became uninhabitable.

Bezos hopes to create rockets to commercialize space tourism and has outlined a long-term plan of taking tourists to the moon.


Valuing Media

He bought The Washington Post back in 2013 for $250 million, with the intention to expand its reach and creating an online presence that is a must-have. In a time when the media struggle against the survival of newspapers with the advent of the internet is becoming the dominant force, the collaboration that the Amazon’s Kindle, as well as The Washington Post, has been advantageous for both parties.

His expertise and understanding of the internet have increased the speed of the Post between 4 and 0.8 seconds. He also enhanced the look of websites and apps. In 2015 the Post set records every month, and even beat The New York Times.

The business giant with global reach is also bringing revenue and product strategies to the table assisting to improve the survival rate of both online and print news organizations.

There’s more than just print and also online media Bezos is keen on, however. Amazon Studios recently bought MGM for $8.5 billion. Bezos has talked about possible movie deals with actors such as Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson and has also rescued other popular shows on the Amazon Prime streaming services. The studio produced the 2016’s Academy Award Winner Manchester by the Sea as well as others.

According to CBR CBR, the MGM buy-out handed over a collection of 4,000 films as well as 17,000 TV shows, including the award-winning series Fargo, The Handmaid’s Tale as well as Vikings.

Even though he resigned from the position of CEO at Amazon, Bezos shows no signs of slowing his pace. Many are curious about the billionaire’s next decision. One thing is for certain that it’s going to be the talk of the town.

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