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Gangrel from the locker room at AEW: “A very chill, relaxed atmosphere, and everybody made you feel welcome.”


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In this edition of “Fagin N’ Bangin,” Gangrel discussed his recent experience being in AEW Rampage with The Young Bucks.

“It was an amazing experience. The event took place at AEW Rampage in Las Vegas at the McCormick Culture Arena right there in Mandalay Bay. A very cool hotel, an extremely cool arena and everyone were extremely cool. It was a great experience” said the guest.


“Locker spaces can turn out to be a tense and frightening place. Even after wrestling 35 years ago, you might be feeling a little off-balance. However, I can assure you I felt that there was no problem in the AEW area was a very welcoming locker room with a casual, relaxing atmosphere and everyone was friendly and made you feel at home. It was very cool. It was a great vibe. It was an extremely pleasant experience.”


“I was unsure of what I would do once I arrived. Las Vegas is a three-hour time difference between here and to the east coast. I arrived the night prior. I checked into my room at about six. I am in a nice space and I go to sleep and wake up at 6 am the next morning. I’m like, ‘Damn! I didn’t go in the gym. I didn’t even do anything. Therefore, I didn’t go to Vegas that I would have missed anyways, but I might have eaten out, or whatever.”


“I am out, and I go to the venue before dawn and then I eat breakfast. The first thing I notice as I enter are Paige VanZant, Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Sonjay Dutt. They were all going through their things and I went over there and sat for a while as they walked through various things to be a part of a pay-per-view. It was enjoyable watching Sonjay take it apart and put together the segment and then seeing where they’re going to go with an insanely bizarre storyline in which it’s just a bunch of heels and one person generally in there. It’s an extremely bizarre story which is why it was so cool,” he continued.


“That’s the way I began my day, and it was just meeting old friends like Regal as they sat back and chopped the food up. It was nice to meet Bryan Danielson and talk to Punk for a bit. CM Punk is super chill. I knew him from the past. He was similar to me, and was extremely cool to me.”


“Then was showtime, and here’s the story. They said “Hey, these guys are going to dress in black. There will be an enveloping curtain. It’s going to be a curtain. Young Bucks are going to appear like the Hardys. They’ve been referred to as cosplay Hardys and other such things. I’m pretty certain they are Matt and Jeff’s original gear from around the 1990s or the early 2000s. They told me, ‘Yeah, they’re about to show up. They’ll throw an umbrella and you’ll are going to come out. I’m like”What? I didn’t even say anything.


In my head, I’m thinking, “Oh what a pity. It’s a totally different kind of crowd. Do they really be able to tell who I am, or will they think I’m Meatloaf wearing his puffy white shirt?’ After the curtain went up and the crowd responded, I was like. “Oh, thank God. This was my greatest fear I had, therefore I was incredibly content.”

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