Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He’s Spoked to NBA ‘Behind the Scenes’ About Acquiring An Team

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He’s Working On Acquiring An NBA Team: “I’ve Been Talking To Certain Individuals For The Last Six Months… I Can’t Say Exactly Where, But I’m Working On Getting A-Team.”


The NBA seems to be entering its glorious era as the league grows and more money is poured into it. The possibility of new teams is in the works and Las Vegas is rumoured to be one of the cities to be able to host an NBA team. LeBron James has previously expressed his desire to have a team of his own in Vegas and, an additional high-profile athlete is reportedly throwing their hat in the arena.


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The purchase of an NBA team is a lucrative and costly one, considering that the value of players and teams is always increasing. It’s not a surprise to learn that Floyd Mayweather, the boxing legend, who was reported to have earned more than a billion dollars in his earnings during his career, would like to purchase an NBA team. He made the same claim as reported by the Las-Venezuela Review-Journal.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke to NBA ‘Behind the Scenes’ He’s  Working On Acquiring An a Team

Longtime boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. said Monday that he’s been in contact with the NBA regarding becoming part of an ownership group to buy an NBA team.

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The former world champion from five divisions revealed to Sam Gordon of the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he’s stayed clear of public debate about the idea. has been in the works for the last year.

“I’ve been talking to certain individuals for the last six months,” Mayweather stated. “That’s something I’ve been working on behind the scenes, but I’ve never come out and publicly talked about that with the media. I and my team have been working behind the scenes with the NBA. I can’t say exactly where, but I’m working on getting a team.”


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Mayweather is among the most successful athletes in the world however, he’s not able to have the financial resources to be a single NBA team owner, based on the current valuations.

Forbes predicted that the league’s “cheapest” franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies, was worth $1.5 billion for the 2021-22 season.

Mayweather declared in August that his net worth was over $1.2 billion, however, The Celebrity Networth estimates his wealth at less than $450 million.

Whatever the case, the 45-year-old Michigan native will need other investors to be a part of the NBA management group.

“I’ve been working on that for a good while now,” Mayweather revealed to Gordon. “I’ve been working behind the scenes. I didn’t want to bring it out until it was engraved in stone.”

Although he might be part of the current team, his comments regarding not being able to talk about “exactly where” the squad is located suggest that he might be discussing expanding the franchise.


It adds more smoke to the fire that started last week when LeBron James said on The Shop he’s aiming to bring an NBA organization to Las Vegas:

Forbes recently reported James became the first active NBA player to reach billionaire status.

James and Mayweather Two of the top sports stars of today could create the Vegas owner group, although there will likely be many others who would be involved in the process.



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