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Every Astrological Sign’s Greatest Relationship Insecurity Revealed | BiographyFlash

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Aries – Scars from past relationships


Aries is not someone who quickly forgets if they have been hurt in the past; he will carry this hurt and his fears into the new relationship.

If he doesn’t find someone he can completely trust in the relationship, he will feel insecure and afraid that his bad experience will repeat itself.

Taurus – Just being in a relationship is scary in itself

It’s not that they don’t want to be in a relationship, it’s just that their fear of being broken up is stronger than their desires.

Taureans enter into a relationship with caution; it has something to do with their past relationships or complicated family dynamics they’ve experienced or witnessed.

Taureans need to find a partner who makes them feel safe and loved, otherwise their fears will dominate them.

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Gemini- Fear of being cheated on


Having been cheated on or seeing someone suffer because of infidelity has made Gemini people who live in fear of being betrayed by those they love.

They carry this fear in their subconscious and may become jealous or paranoid even when the person they are romantically involved with has never given them reason to doubt.

Their insecurity can also come from within themselves because, on a subconscious level, they think that someone better will come along and steal their loved one away.

It’s this insecurity that they need to get rid of as quickly as possible because it sabotages their chances of having a healthy, long-term relationship.

Cancer – Not being good enough


Cancers are loving and empathetic beings, they put the needs of others before their own and they value others more than themselves.

They constantly seek reassurance and encouragement in a relationship.

They rely on their partner to make them feel good about themselves and make them happy.

This is something they will have to learn to do themselves if they want to be happy in a relationship.

It’s okay to reassure yourself from time to time and that’s more than normal, but there comes a time when it all becomes too much for your partner.

Leo – Being the less dominant one


Leos are rulers by birth and they don’t like to feel less dominant in their relationship.

They have difficulty maintaining a relationship with partners who are more successful than them in life or in love.

The Lions absolutely must be at the top.

This insecurity also brings them something good; they have no tolerance for people who want to play with their feelings or belittle them.

Leos exclude them from their lives as if they never existed. They love others very much, but they always love themselves a little more.

Virgo – Appear less intelligent


Virgos are people who pride themselves on their intelligence and they don’t like to date someone who is intellectually inferior to them, but they also don’t like to feel stupid compared to the person they like.

Their insecurity sometimes makes them miss out on someone who is worth it.

They don’t need to lower their expectations, they just need to realize that there are different types of intelligence and that just because someone isn’t an expert in a certain area doesn’t mean they aren’t is not exceptional in another

Libra – The exes factor


Comparing themselves to their partner’s ex is something Libras tend to do even if they don’t like to admit it openly.

They’re curious about who they were with before, if they’re good enough, and if it will affect their relationship now.

If they continue to dig into the past like this, it will eventually kill their relationship.

Keep in mind that an ex is always an ex for a reason, what matters is that they are with you now.

Scorpio – Not being good in bed.


It’s no surprise that this relationship insecurity is linked to one of the most passionate signs.

Their deepest fear is disappointing and failing to please their partner.

Sagittarius – Trust Issues


Their insecurity or their romantic past which has made them insecure does not allow them to fully trust their partner and this is why many of their relationships fail.

The truth is that if they want things to last, they need to fix these problems as quickly as possible.

A healthy relationship cannot survive without mutual trust.

Capricorn – Fear of commitment


Most Capricorns fear commitment and it’s not their fault.

They probably had a relationship that failed without any notice or a toxic relationship, complicated family relationships, or something similar that caused fear to take hold.

They just don’t want to end up hurt or in a bad relationship again.

This is why they remain on their guard.

Aquarius – Overanalyze things


You go over too much what your partner said or wrote.

You have a habit of assuming what he’s thinking at certain times instead of asking him, because naturally you always assume the worst.

Too much analysis creates problems that didn’t exist in the first place.

The best solution for Aquarius is to let go of all the assumptions and focus on what you have now and live in the moment.

Pisces – Distance


A big-hearted Pisces should be close to their partner, both physically and emotionally.

If he feels that his partner is pulling away, insecurity will overwhelm him.

They will be even more so if they have experienced the disappearance of a former partner without any valid reason.

All Pisces should ask themselves if their partner is really pulling away or if they are just protecting their personal space.

There is a huge difference between the two and everything can be resolved through good communication with your partner.

Every Astrological Sign's Greatest Relationship Insecurity Revealed

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