Brand Yourself Net Worth 2022

How is Brand Yourself Net Worth In 2022?

As of March 2022, Brand Yourself has an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

BrandYourself is a well-known firm for managing reputation online that was established within the United States. It offers tools and solutions that aid businesses and individuals in avoiding bad results through the creation of new websites and content. It is based on a freemium model where some tools, services and tools are offered for free, while premium memberships as well as professional services are offered.

The business was started in the year 2010 with the help of three Syracuse University students. The company was featured on the telecast program Shark Tank in 2015, in which it declined an investment proposal by Robert Herjavec. The COO and CEO of the company appeared in the BBC show Dragons’ Den in 2018 after they were offered a deal by the entrepreneur Peter Jones.

Over time, the business has steadily increased its popularity and the impact it has for helping individuals and organizations and individuals. For more information regarding Brand Yourself today, keep following this blog post in which we provide all you should know about this business and their current net worth.

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Patrick Ambron, together with two other former Syracuse University students, Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan formed the company Brand Yourself.

The company was founded by the couple shortly after graduation from the university. Pete studied in the field of management and information technology. Evan was, however was a major in entrepreneurialism and the development of new ventures.

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Pete double-majored in both advertising and psychology. Patrick is now the Chief Executive Officer of the company and Chief Operating Officer, with Evan being the Chief Operating Officer, and Peter Kistler serving as the Chief of Product Strategy and Design.

Kistler’s company was born in the aftermath of his post-college plight. Since he was associated with a well-known trafficker He was unable to get a job in the field of computer programming in the year 2008. The story caught interest from both traditional media and the social media. The story was a myth but the evidence was inconclusive to suggest any drug dealer having the similar name.

He was not receiving any offer of employment. In 2010, he started the business along with a group of college friends. They were able to secure $300,000 as startup funds immediately following that. They also secured $1.2 million from venture capital investments in 2012 and, by 2014 they had collected $3.3 million in the series A funding.

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Patrick Ambron appeared on Shark Tank in 2015 and demanded $2 million in exchange for a share of 13% of his company, Brand Yourself. Robert Herjavec suggested investing in the firm that manages reputation with the promise of putting up the minimum amount of $2 million for the right to acquire a 25 percent stake in the firm.

Herjavec’s offer was among the most significant offered on the show in the moment. Ambron decided to decline the offer. Ambron got interviewed by Heavy following the appearance Shark Tank, and he stated the reason why his proposal was not accepted. “While Herjavec was definitely the perfect Shark the deal he signed was not the best deal,” Ambron said.

Robert provided $2million in exchange for one quarter stake in the company. The problem was that they’d recently acquired funds which valued the company at more than twice the amount, which they were unable to accept the offer due to fairness of the investors.




Brand Yourself was initially conceived as a self-service website for managing online reputation which included features to assist in the development of websites specifically designed to be able to beat sites with poor content in specific searches. It is available on a freemium basis, with some services offered for free, but additional features costing $10 per month.

The service was launched in May 2012 which seeks to identify who’s doing Google searches for a particular company or user of the service. The following year, the company launched a tool to analyze Facebook, LinkedIn, and corporate websites and offers suggestions for how to improve the SEO of their sites.

The business began to compete against its larger competitors through professional services following a prior focus on small and student-run businesses with limited resources. The company also upgraded its software with a fresh user interface, as well as other improvements.

Interview with Patrick Ambron indicated that the media attention of Shark Tank contributed to a 1 million rise in the sales of its professional services section of the business within a short time after the show aired.

BrandYourself’s service has 500,000 registered users and 30,000 members who pay at the time of writing in May 2017. It is utilized by students from Syracuse University and Johns Hopkins University. The company began offering this service to secondary school students along with their family members in the year 2017 as they were preparing to apply to colleges and universities.

BrandYourself introduced Artificial Intelligence software on March of 2018 that scans a user’s social media profiles and detects any photos, comments or posts that could be perceived as negative. According to the company it utilizes the same algorithms as potential employers employ to alert users of potentially harmful material.

In April 2018 the amount of customers that were served by BrandYourself exceeded one million. The number of customers has increased every day due to the growing popularity of the company across the globe.



Awards and Achievements

Although the company has enjoyed a an excellent reputation among many but it has not received any awards or nominations. The firm has seen numerous successes since becoming an important tool for improving one’s reputation.



Net Worth of the Brand Yourself in 2022

Brand Yourself Net Worth 2022 -

Brand Yourself Net Worth 2022 –


In March 2022, Brand Yourself is estimated to have a value of $25 million. This is based on the money the company has made through the subscriptions it sells through its services. The company has attracted a lot of customers and has helped build their reputations, which can be misrepresented on websites.

In the end, Brand Yourself Company has proved to be among the most effective companies for privacy for both individuals and organizations, along and ensuring that it builds up their brand and earns good reviews in the eyes of the public.

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