A$AP Rocky Net Worth 2022

What is ASAP Rocky’s net worth?

Net Worth: $10 Million
Age: 32
Born: October 3, 1988
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: May 2022


With ASAP Rocky’s wealth of $10 million, he’s one of the wealthiest rappers, yet he isn’t done until he is able to compete with the likes of P. Diddy, Dr Dre and Jay-Z.


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Rakim Mayers, who is also popularly known by the”stage name “A$AP Rocky”, is an American musician, record producer and rapper hailing who hails from Harlem, New York City.

He has been professionally rapping since 2007 when he joined A$AP Mob’s crew. Rocky is among the most popular rappers in America at the moment.


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Early Life

Rakim Mayers was born on the 3rd of October 1988 in Harlem, New York City. The mother Rakim is African American and his father was born in Barbados. Rakim began his career in rapping at age 9 years old.

He was taught how to rapper from his elder brother. When Mayers was just 13 years old, 13, his brother was shot dead in Harlem and the tragedy has spurred Rocky to pursue rapping more seriously.

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He was a student at the Bayard Rustin Educational Complex during his high school days. Mayers was a child who admired the Harlem groups and rappers from Harlem such as Wu-Tang Clan, Three 6 Mafia, UGK and Mobb Deep.






At the age of 19 Rocky began to work with the A$AP Mob group. Rocky began his collaboration with the producer of the group to create the soundscapes that are spacey that underpin his rhymes: Clams Casino, SpaceGhostPurpp and A$AP Ty Beats.

Two singles were released “Peso” and “Purple Swag” in 2011 sparked an agreement with a major label before he dropped the first album mixtape “Live. Love. A$AP”. The following year, he was signed by Sony/RCA of Polo Grounds Music for $3 million dollars.

Rocky’s solo album “Live. Love. A$AP” was released in 2013 and featured a variety of guest artists, including 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and Santigold.

His solo album debuted on his Billboard 200 chart and generated four hits “Goldie”, “Fashion Killa”, “F ****n’ Problems” and “Wild For The Night”. “F ****n ‘ Problems” hit the top spot at No. 8 . on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, selling 3 million copies in the U.S.

The second album “At.Long.Last.A$AP” was released in the year 2015. The album was written by Danger Mouse, the Grammy prize-winning Danger Mouse and featured guest appearances by M.I.A, Future, Mark Ronson and Kanye West.

Since then, ASAP Rocky has become well-known as one of the most popular hip-hop rappers. He has sold millions of copies across the globe. Rocky has worked with artists like Future, Rihanna, Rod Stewart and Lana Del Rey.

As of 2022 ASAP Rocky’s total net worth has grown to $10 million.





Here are some of the best highlights of ASAP Rocky’s career:

  • BET Awards (Best Collaboration, “F***in Problems”, 2013)
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan (Best Hip-Hop Video, 2013)
  • Dope (Movie in 2015)
  • “F***in’ Problems” (2013)
  • “Fashion Kills” (2013)
  • “Asap Forever” (2018)
  • Testing (Album, 2018)



Most cherished quotes from ASAP Rocky


“Everybody ought to be able to take advantage of their lives since you only live for a short time. That’s why I’m trying to be able to share my experiences out there and become the best role model I can be for those who are looking to place me in that type of situation. It’s true I didn’t request to become a role model since I’m not perfect. .” A$AP Rocky



“There there was an era that one could board the plane and ask to change their seat because the person next to them was from a different race and religion or even nationality. However, I don’t believe my generation would want that. It was how it used to be. .”> A$AP Rocky



“I was once homophobic however, as I grew older I realized that was not the best way to go about things. I don’t discriminate against anyone because of their sexual preferences and complexion colour… it’s not mature.” A$AP Rocky



“For me growing as a child in Harlem and then moving into SoHo in SoHo and Lower East Side and chillin down there and creating my own stomping grounds… It was an important thing since I’m originally from Harlem downtown is more artistic and more friendly. This is why I have the most combination of the two .”A$AP Rocky



“I consider everyone equal and I’d like to ensure that my fans and followers are treated the same way in the event that they’re representing me. If I’m going to be their representative, I’m also going to be doing it in a respectful manner.” A$AP Rocky





ASAP Rocky is among the most fashionable and well-known hip hop artists of the present. He has proved that no matter what situation you’re experiencing, you can achieve success at any level.

The album he released his debut at the top spot on the Billboard 200, and there is no doubt that his net worth of Rocky will rise over the next five years.

In 2022 ASAP Rocky’s wealth was estimated to be at least $10 million.

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