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23 Things Only Women Victims of a Narcissist Will Know | BiographyFlash

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1. It takes an infinite amount of time to heal, the consequences of a relationship with a narcissist are inevitable.

Pain is inevitable and you know it so you accept it.

2. Your self-confidence is non-existent. You feel completely lost.

When a narcissist is done with you, you just feel like shit – unable to continue living, unable to recognize yourself.

3. Before he came into your life, you were a normal girl, but when he was done with you, you had lost your dignity; you no longer know who you are.

4. You try to hide your pain. You try to hide the fact that everything in this world affects you, but you can’t.

You are extremely vulnerable and you are unable to hide it.

5. You feel like you’re invisible because he convinced you that you were nobody.

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6. Your look says everything you need to know about your condition. You may put on a fake smile, but your eyes are filled with sadness.

7. You no longer smile because you want to, but because you have to. You know people are worried about you so you smile at them to reassure them.

You haven’t cracked a genuine smile in a very long time. And that’s the price you pay when you confront a narcissist.

8. You are on your guard. You don’t want to talk about what happened. Building a wall around yourself is the only thing that makes you feel safe.

You need to feel protected and right now, you are the only one who can do that.

9. Dating a narcissist has a cost. You’re depressed and anxious all the time and you weren’t that way at first. This is one of the side effects of being in a toxic relationship.

10. You can’t face the healing process alone. Only your most sincere friends will stay by your side during this period.

Only people who truly care about you will support you. Accept their help, it will be easier.

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11. You don’t believe that people have any good in them. Because you fell into his trap, you no longer trust anyone.

When you look around you, you only see people wanting to hurt you. Wherever you go, you only see him.

12. You don’t need anyone to judge you. You know you made a mistake. All you need now is understanding and patience.

The pain won’t just go away and anyone who tells you “move on now!” has no idea what you’ve been through.

13. You still can’t realize what happened to you. You still don’t believe it.

It just seems like a nightmare, from which you will wake up in a few minutes.

14. You need approval. You need encouragement. It is difficult to escape from a reality that has been yours for so long.

It’s hard to stop expecting something terrible to happen to us. You’ve lived like this and it’s impossible to start all over again in a few days.

15. You don’t trust others. The person you were closest to is the one who failed you the most.

Every time you meet someone, you’re skeptical. Every time someone does something nice for you, you expect to have to pay the price.

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16. Today you don’t know how to love anymore. You are bruised and love is a thousand miles from what you knew.

You are afraid to appreciate someone and even more afraid to love.

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17. You try to avoid emotional pain, so you constantly apologize. You’re sorry, even when you don’t have to be.

When dating a narcissist, that’s all you can say in order to avoid punishment. You must have been the bad guy.

You apologize for the smallest thing, because you are still very anxious.

18. You hide your feelings, because you are afraid that if you feel something, you will have to pay the price.

In your relationship with said narcissist, the more you revealed your feelings, the more he mistreated you.

19. You fear coming across as clingy, dependent, and overly emotional. So you take the easy way out and muzzle your feelings. You keep everything to yourself.

20. One day you want to be left alone, the next day your loneliness suffocates you. Your mood changes within hours.

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21. You need someone to be there for you. Someone who convinces you that you will be fine.

You are a strong woman, at least you used to be, but right now you need someone to protect you until you get back on your feet.

22. You need someone who really keeps their promises. You need someone who will finally make you their priority, after being an option for so long.

You need to be important; you need to feel alive.

23. Don’t be afraid. A good girl hides underneath the one who is terrified.

She is a girl capable of loving with all her heart. But right now, she’s scared. Help her by showing her that bad things eventually pass. It just takes time. A lot of time.

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23 Things Only Women Who Have Been Used By A Narcissist Will Understand

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