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10 Damn Good Reasons Why She Finally Left Him | BiographyFlash

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You were blind to all the signs she sent you, calling for you to come and help her. She desperately wanted to save your marriage and your love.

But you didn’t listen because you had other things on your mind. And this indifference broke his fragile heart. Again and again. Then, in an instant, she decided to walk away from you.

She decided to stop you from ruining her life. And if you ever wondered why she left, this is what she would have said:

1. She left because of your lack of love.

All she ever wanted was for you to love her like she loved you. She was head over heels, deeply and unconditionally in love with you.

But you didn’t feel the same way. For you, love was something that happened when it was convenient, after much calculation.

Your love was fake and when she realized this, she decided to cut ties with you.

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2. She left because getting your attention was a struggle.

She suffered every time you gave your attention to another girl sitting next to you instead of her. And you swore she was the most important person in your life.

Is this a way to treat the person you love most? I do not think so. Thank goodness she figured it out in time and decided to move on.

3. She left because of psychological abuse.

She couldn’t stand it any longer when you mistreated her. She couldn’t continue living with the toxic man you had become so she decided to escape this toxic relationship.

And once she finally left you, she was finally happy.

4. She left due to lack of respect.

She didn’t want to argue with you every day. But to you, arguing was like saying “hello” – a normal thing you did every day.

You just wanted to see her psychologically destroyed, without the strength to stand up and fight for her, without tiring yourself out. By fleeing, she saved herself from certain destruction.

5. She left because you ignored her.

You just didn’t treat her like a woman you love. You treated her like someone you just met and like someone you didn’t even have an obligation to talk to.

She knew she deserved better and that her idea of ​​love was the opposite of everything you had shown her up until that moment.

6. She left because she realized she deserved much better than an almost relationship.

She finally understood that you would never give her the love she desperately needed. She knew that a damaged man like you would never be able to give her his heart.

She knew he wouldn’t be able to walk away from the demons of his past. And that’s why she decided to move on and choose a decent life.

7. She left because she realized a relationship couldn’t be one-sided.

She knew that both partners had to make an effort to make their love last. But you didn’t give her anything she dreamed of and because of you her world fell apart.

8. She left because you gave her every reason to.

You treated her like nothing, rather than loving and respecting her. Because she was worthy of love but you were too blind to see it.

And simply for this reason, you will never be able to touch her again. You will never be able to make love to him again. You will never be able to watch her sleep again. And it’s your fault.

9. She left because she realized what her value was.

One day she woke up and realized that you were telling her lies, about everything. She stopped believing that she was worthless.

She saw that others treated her with love and respect and she finally realized that she was more than good enough.

10. She left because she didn’t want to be controlled anymore.

She no longer wanted to be the one you told what to do and where to go. She had her own life and she wanted to make the most of it.

She was no longer blinded by love and she decided to take the first step towards her new life – a life free from the anxiety she had lived with for so long.

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